Self Portrait by Pierre Bonnard

Posted by Lee Wilde on

One of my favourite artworks at the Art Gallery of NSW is this deceptively simple painting, Self Portrait by Pierre Bonnard, circa 1938 - 1940, which is sadly not currently on display.
When I first saw it in January 2019, it was hung in the 19th and 20th century European galleries on the ground floor. IIn a room containing the huge and ultra-weird Nude in a Rocking Chair by Picasso, a dreamlike Cezanne and fleshy, crowd-pulling Lucian Freud, the small Bonnard lay still, beside a doorway, like a shy guest at a party.
Shy but not unaware, the Artist has bathed himself in gold light, drawing me his face...his hands.. so quietly yet powerfully beckoning. It's no wonder Bonnard is known as the Master of Intimacy.
Every time I see it, it's like meeting up with an old friend again.
Read more about Pierre Bonnard and his other works on display at the Art Gallery of NSW:


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